Integrated Qigong

Minute-by-minute IQ is the most effective therapeutic exercise you can do.

Integrated Qigong (IQ) for Health is a therapeutic mind-body exercise system that empowers people to manage their own mental and physical health.

IQ is a key branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is the origin of the more commonly known Tai Chi. 

Learning a new activity is great, but leaning Integrated Qigong will be life changing as it has given me certain goals to achieve and this has given a feeling of peace and calm. A brilliant 10-week course, learning a new way of life, and learning how to relax. Definitely would do this again.
I feel it has helped me control my pain. Annie, 66. 

Scientific studies on the health benefits of IQ (and Tai Chi) notice that IQ works in a variety of different ways.

Why Practice Integrated Qigong?

Therapeutic exercise that carries over in practical ways to help you function better in your everyday life.


Health Benefits


What is Integrated Qigong?

IQ is one of the five main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine.