Deniz Paradot

The person behind IQ for Health.


An expert in his field
A "modern-day monk" and the "calmest man in Norfolk" says BBC Radio Norfolk presenter Chrissie Jackson. Deniz is "a master in the living traditions" of the Chinese Life Arts and the founder of the Centre of Integrated Qigong for Health and Wellness CIC and the Norfolk & Norwich Taiji Qigong School. An expert in his field, he has an infectious sense of humour and excellent communication skills.

Deniz, is the Master Trainer and developed the IQ for Health programmes, he is a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare (APPGIH).

The overriding aim of the APPGIH is to further integrate complementary, traditional and natural medicine into the NHS by improving access, supporting better regulation, and campaigning for an improved provision of information to patients to help them make informed choices. The group believes that by providing healthcare in an integrated and whole person way, with complementary, traditional and natural medicines working in collaboration with conventional medicine, that patient outcomes could be improved and cost savings achieved.

Undiagnosed depression and chronic pain
His journey began as a young boy in 1987 when he was involved in a terrible car accident which saw the death of his mother. For 8 years he suffered undiagnosed depression and chronic pain throughout his body and in 1995 it came to a head, when overnight Deniz went from an able-bodied person to being confined to a wheelchair as his spine had partially collapsed as a result of the car accident. Deniz underwent major spinal surgery and embarked on a difficult and long recovery. As a result of the accident, years in chronic pain and the surgery he also contracted Fibromyalgia. Due too many circumstances Deniz felt that western medicine wasn't helping him as he wished, he intuitively knew knew that he had to deal with the physical pain as well as the emotional and mental pain he had suffered, and so he cultivated a Taiji Qigong practice that exceeded all expectations. Now, immersed in the present moment through Integrated Qigong, Deniz feels wonderfully alive and well. 

24 years of Integrated Qigong experience
As a teacher, sharer and mentor, Deniz draws on a range of techniques from both the East and West, from classical Integrated Qigong training from his Chinese Master to studying the Tom Myers Anatomy Trains model and drawing on his 24 years of Taiji Qigong experience he helps participants of his programmes make significant changes in their lives, as he has. 

For some people like Deniz, imparting words of wisdom to others comes naturally. Deniz always seems to have a combination of knowledge, experience, & intellect to be able to take his life experiences & communicate those experiences to the programme participants in a way that makes them see the wisdom & beauty in what is being communicated to them, and it provides a level of inspiration. Deniz, believes that health and wellness stem from empowerment and his motto is:

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, of a good teacher, who talks little, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say, “We did this ourselves.”

Today, Deniz combines intelligence, humour and childlike enthusiasm in all that he does. His desire to give back is apparent as he shares the embodied and embrained practices of Integrated Qigong with his students. In addition to his daily classes in Norwich, Deniz runs immersive year long self-cultivation programmes and hosts annual retreats at the inspiring Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Monastery and travels the UK and Europe teaching. He is also regularly found offering educational and motivational speeches.