Insight and Evaluation

Measuring the impact of IQ programs

Our priority, from the earliest Integrated Qigong Programs (IQPs) and looking far into the future, will be to demonstrate our commitment to all those involved. Our aim is that through the delivery of ten-week programs from a team of competent instructors, people will gain maximum benefits to their health and wellness, feel happier, calm, and in control of their lives. We hope too that they will wish to include qigong practice in their daily routine. 

Patient and instructor involvement will be crucial to the sustainability of the IQPs, allowing evaluation and modifications in response to questionnaire findings and collating our own narrative research.

During individual programs patients will be asked for their thoughts and comments on the questionnaire content. Areas discussed will include the format used, response options, topics covered and, most importantly, specific areas that need to be added in order that the findings will inform the further development of both the questionnaires, and of the program content. 

The program of learning for instructors will guide each student towards a level of competency that will be measured, and continually assessed in order that any patient, whatever health management area being addressed, will be provided with a level of skill and understanding that enables them to continue and develop their own qigong practice. 

Instructors will also be involved in the discussions and modifications to patient questionnaires so that they too can develop their own style enabling patients to gain the maximum benefits from their individual experience of the program. 

We believe that during each IQ for Health program patients and their instructors will develop trusting and long-lasting friendships and a commitment to qigong practice that will inspire others to discover the many benefits to their own health and wellness by following programs themselves.