IQ Instructor Training

One method that contains over twenty years of experience.


Modern, efficient and holistic.

The IQ for Health teaching method, developed by Deniz Paradot, respects the classical principles of Qigong. With the knowledge of holistic anatomy and modern science of movement, Deniz has given the method multidimensionality and adapted functional goals to today's realities. He has developed a method which is modern, efficient and holistic; and as such combines the interaction of the classical Qigong principles, the modern science, the wisdom of the Eastern art of movement as well as over two decades of experience working with people who move.

Diversify and extend your repertoire
Being an IQ for Heath Instructor allows you to teach in your area of health interest and diversify and extend your repertoire by bolting-on modules allowing you to teach a multitude of a IQ for Health ‘Forms’. Each module is health condition specific.

We train in a multidimensional manner and our programmes can be adapted from standing to sitting, even lying–movement as diverse as life itself. In order for our instructors to teach safely and efficiently our IQ for Health Instructor training is delivered directly by Deniz.

The individual participating in our programmes is always in the foreground and empowered.

We customise IQ for Health programmes for the growing health needs of our participants. For this reason, no one is excluded. An executive benefits equally from our programmes as someone who is undergoing rehabilitation or the person who is just having fun when exercising.

Our motto is, listen to your body as you let it speak! 


Our new 100 hour IQ for Health Instructor Accreditation