Confidence to teach effective Integrated Qigong

The purpose of the Separate and Combine Teaching Method™ is to use all of the internal content and principles, plus the most recent findings about what supports an individual in beginning a personal Integrated Qigong practice and what supports the individual in sustaining that practice.

Our Separate and Combine Teaching Method™ uses a collection of metaphors and imagery which are easy and safe to apply and joyfully convey how the fundamental internal content principles of IQ function, so the practitioner can embed them and literally bring them alive through direct experience.

Metaphors accompanied by imagery can bypass analytical filters, allowing the mind to create new conceptual frameworks. In order to understand the true inner workings of Integrated Qigong, it is best to bypass the analytical mind and discover the full potential through experience.  

Our message is simple: 

get out of your head and into your body is the key to a happier and healthier life

Step by step this method explores the five principles of IQ.


Energise and create awareness in your body


In order to hear your body you have to slow down and listen to its voice


Learn and understand your body’s voice and manage your unruly habits of the mind


Carefully designed practical learning through the body


Observations drawn from mindfulness, qigong theory and mediation practice will support your embodied experience.

The Separate and Combine Teaching Method™ gives you:

  • confidence to teach effective Integrated Qigong
  • fail-safe methods to slowly progress in a pain-free, achievable and structured program
  • freedom in your teaching, whilst having safe-guarding parameters to work within
  • skills to construct and deliver balanced IQ for Heath classes
  • the opportunity to help empower people to change their lives

On successful completion you will receive two certificates:

1) Separate and Combine Teaching Method™

2) IQ for Health ‘specialised area of health’

Once accredited with the Separate and Combine Teaching Method™ you may bolt-on any of the other specialised health IQ programmes by attending the relevant 'Form' course.

The Centre of Integrated Qigong for Health and Wellness CIC (limited by guarantee) is registered in England and Wales under company number 11628575 at Market House, 4a Church Street, Harletson, Norfolk IP20 9BB.
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