What is Integrated Qigong?

IQ is one of the five main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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IQ is the synchronised practice of breathing, mindfulness and movement.

Eastern healthcare ideology has permeated Western thought for over 30 years. A key aspect of Eastern healthcare includes viewing ‘energy’ as an independent force in nature and within the human body.

In addition, Eastern healthcare philosophy indicates that:


  • The body and the mind form a single entity and cannot be treated separately.

  • Within this entity there is an emphasis on harmony, balance and integration.

  • Deep breathing, quieting the mind and therapeutic exercise help to foster inner


Rooted in Eastern ideology, Integrated Qigong (IQ) is the origin of the more commonly known Tai Chi. IQ focuses on the healing aspect of Tai Chi, and involves the synchronised practice of breathing, mindfulness and movement. IQ is both ‘external’ in the way it builds muscle strength, tendon suppleness, fascial elasticity and joint mobility, and ‘internal’ in the way it optimises organ health and the neuroendocrine system.

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of Integrated Qigong in treating common conditions ranging from stress and depression, to chronic pain and hypertension. IQ works through the acupuncture meridians, as well as the limbic and central nervous systems. Moreover, major organisations have begun to recognise IQ as an affordable healthcare system and an appealing addition to their national health service. 

We offer general IQ for Health programmes and specialised programmes which target specific medical conditions, including but not limited to:

IQ for Heart Health
IQ for Chronic Pain Management
IQ for Life (general health and wellbeing)
IQ for Parkinson’s
IQ for Rehabilitation
IQ for Arthritis
IQ for Employees (workplace wellbeing)
IQ for Carers
IQ for Mental Health

Our programmes are available in Norwich, Norfolk, East Anglia and Nationwide. 

I have benefited from Integrated Qigong! I have found confidence in freedom of movement and a total sense of peace. The course has been totally life enhancing! I am no longer controlled by my medical condition but in control, of it and my future. Kathy, 52.

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The Eight Active Ingredients of IQ